Ultrapower Underwater Strobe Premium Package

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Product Highlights

Every feature from the Ultrapower Underwater Strobe Head with Diffuser, plus:

  • 9.5” (24cm) YS Foam Grip Flex Arm
  • 7.5” (19cm) Anodized Aluminum Tray

This Bundle Includes:

ULTRAPOWER UXDS-1 Digital Underwater Strobe Head with Diffuser

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Depth Rating
Safe to use at a maximum depth of 180'. The housing is secured via double O-ring seal, and the battery compartment is completely isolated from the electronics to prevent water damage if it's accidentally opened or batteries are changed when unit is still wet from a dive.
Guide Number
20 (ISO 100/M ) on land
Power Rating
Approximately 25 Watt-sec
Offers a coverage angle of 60°.
Color Temperature
Daylight-balanced at 5700K.
There are 5 pre-flash settings to synchronize with the built-in flash of most digital compact cameras. Additionally, there are 4 output levels: 10%, 25%, 50%, and 100%. The strobe also has a flash test button. Benefit from manual exposure control.
Flash Triggering
Twin slave sensors allow strobe to be triggered wirelessly by another flash, such as the camera's built-in one. When either sensor detects light from a flash, the strobe fires instantly. You can also purchase an optional fiber-optic connector and cable for triggering.
Color-Coded LED Indicators
Tell you the selected pre-flash and flash output modes. A blinking LED indicates low power.
Runs on 4 AA batteries, which are available separately, and features a magnetic on/off switch.
Housed in a durable case made from corrosion-resistant polycarbonate.
Optional UXFA-1 9.5" Flex Arm with Foam Grip and UXST-1 Strobe Tray are available, giving you a mounting point for the strobe and a camera, and also providing improved handling.

9.5"/24cm Flex Arm with Foam Grip

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Connectors Standard YS on top for light connection
C-1 type on base for mounting onto tray
Material of Construction Joints: Acetal copolymer
Base: Anodized, marine-grade aluminum
Grip: Neoprene foam
Length 9.5" / 24 cm
ULTRAPOWER UXDS-1 Digital Underwater Strobe Head with Diffuser
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
9.5"/24cm Flex Arm with Foam Grip
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty