Ultrapower-II 6-Watt (500 Lumens) LED Underwater Video / Dive Light - Pro Package

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This Pro Package Includes:


2 x Ultrapower-II Underwater Video LED Dive Light (UXLG-1)

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Light Head
ULTRAMAX's ULTRAPOWER-II 6W LED Wide-Angle Video Dive Light features a depth rating of 180'. Its 8 output level selection settings range from 120-500 lumens. The light provides a beam angle of 55° and a daylight-balanced color temperature of 5700K. Built for durability, it is enclosed in a corrosion-resistant polycarbonate housing and has a protective thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) jacket on the light head. A triple-ring seal, a double O-ring seal around the battery cap, and a sealed battery compartment provide maximum leak protection. The light is powered by 4 AA alkaline or NiMH batteries, which are available separately and give you a run time of 1.5 hr at full power. A detachable handle and soft wrist lanyard offer a comfortable, secure grip.

2 x 9.5"/24cm Flex Arm with Foam Grip for Underwater Light or Strobe (UXFA-1)

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Flex Arm
The two 9.5" Flex Arms features a standard YS connector on the top for light attachment and a C-1 type connector on the base for tray mounting. The versatile arm is articulated for easy, adjustable positioning of the light, and the neoprene foam cover provides a comfortable grip. The arm's knuckles/joints are precision-formed out of acetal copolymer, allowing for stiffness coupled with maximum flexibility. The base is made of anodized aluminum.

Aluminum Tray for mounting Underwater Camera Housing & Double Flex Lighting Arms 25cm (UXST-2)

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The anodized aluminum 25cm Strobe Tray for Double Flex Lighting Arm and Underwater Camera Housing is configured with a standard 1/4"-20 stud for mounting most camera housings, and 2 standard T-1 connectors for mounting many arms for strobes or video/focus lights, including ULTRAMAX's own UXFA-1 and UXFA-2 Flex Arms. Built for durability, it is constructed from black anodized aluminum.

Product Highlight:

  • 2 x Ultrapower-II LED Underwater Video / Dive Light UXLG-1
  • Depth Rating : 180 Ft. (55M)
  • 2 Power Buttons control 8 Outputs from 120 ~ 500 Lumens
  • Beam Angle : 55°
  • Color Temperature : 5700K
  • Run Time : Approx 1.5 Hrs at Full Power
  • Durable Polycarbonate Housing
  • Detachable Handle included, switch the light for handheld use
  • 2 x 9.5” (24cm) Foam-Grip Flex Arm
  • 10” (25cm) Anodized Aluminum Tray for 2 Flex Arms