ULTRAMAX Ring Flash Strobe Bracket Adapter Ring - 105 mm

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The ULTRAMAX UXRF-APT105 Adapter Ring is designed to enable the users of ULTRAMAX Fiber Optic Cable Ring Flash Kit with model number ending “DS1” to expand their lighting option to use the INON Z-220 and Z-240 strobes or any strobe from other suppliers, which has the strobe head diameter ranging from 3.3” to 4.1” (85 to 100 mm). Simply attach the Adapter Ring onto the existing “DS1” strobe bracket and secured by the locking screws provided.


Product Highlights

  • Made of marine grade aluminum with anodized finishing
  • Fits INON Z-220 or Z-240 strobes or and strobe head with diameter 3.3” to 4.1” (85 to 100 mm)
  • Simple construction, just attach to the existing “DS1” style strobe bracket of the Ring Flash Kit and tighten by screws


Included with the Package

            UXRF-APT105 Adapter Ring

            Quick Installation Guide