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Ball Joint Base Handle

Ball Joint Base Handle


$40.00 USD

This features a standard 1" diameter ball mount on top. It is made of black anodized aluminum for resistance to corrosion and has a foam grip for comfort. The handle is compatible with the UXST-1 and UXST-2 underwater camera housing/lighting trays, as well as other trays configured with T-1 connectors. Using the UXCLM-1 Clamp or other clamps for 1" balls, which are available separately, you can connect a strobe, video/focus light or accessory, or add a ball-jointed arm and attach your light or accessory to that.

Product Highlights
  • Standard 1" Diameter Ball Mount
Connectors Standard 1.0" / 2.5 cm diameter ball mount on top
Base fits into T-1 connector on tray
Material of Construction Black anodized aluminum with foam grip
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty