Fiber-Optic Cable 3.3'

Fiber-Optic Cable - 1M (3.3')

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The ULTRAMAX UXDS-FOC Fiber Optic Cable Kit is a 3.3' (1M) Coiled Fiber-Optic Cable Kit features standard-size plug-in connectors on both sides for attaching strobes, such as ULTRAPOWER UXDS-1, UXDS-3 or UXDS-6 to various underwater compact camera housings, such as UXDC16, UXDV-3HD and other major brands. The connectors are also compatible with Sea & Sea-type fiber-optic cable ports. The included 3M water resistant adhesive tape backing on the connector holder on both ends make it compatible to most camera housings and strobes brands and helps preventing the cable from becoming unplugged.

Product Highlights

  • High clarity 1.0mm fiber optic with protection coating
  • 3’ (1M) coiled cable for concise camera to strobe connection setup
  • Standard size connectors on both end fits all ULTRAMAX strobes & other brands using Sea & Sea size fiber optic cable connector size.
  • Included water resistant 3M adhesive tape backing connector holder provides convenience for camera to strobe connections from different brands.
Length 3.3' / 1.0 m (coiled)
Connector Holders
3M water-resistant adhesive backing
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty