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RIFF Hight Power LED Dive Video Light 2600 Lumens - front

RIFF 2600 Lumens High Power Multi LED Dive / Video Lights


$329.00 USD

The compact designed RIFF TL-MLV not only offers the extremely bright 2600 Lumens light output, but also the Red or Blue flashlight. The colored LEDs can also be used individually. With the TL-MLV image or video quality can be greatly increased under the low-light conditions.   Since the red color will start disappearing from 5 meters (approx 15 Ft) below water, with the switchable red LED light included with the TL-MLV, red filter lens is no longer needed.   The Blue LED light included with TL-MLV helps bringing back the brightness of fish and corals with fluorescent particles.   The Ultraviolet Light included with TL-MLV offers amazing views of underwater creatures & corals when chemical compounds contained in the tissue of these animals react to UV light causing them to fluoresce in brilliant reds, purples and greens.

  • LEDs: White LEDs: CREE XML2 U2 (second generation) x 4 
  • Red LEDs: CREE XP-E N3 x 2 wave length: 620 nm
  • Purple LEDs: x 2 wavelength: 410nm
  • UV LEDs: x 2 wave length: 365 nm
  • Color temperature: 5000K—5500K (white light)
  • Brightness: white light: 2600lumens, Red light: 200lumens, Purple light: 6W, UV light: 6W
  • Switch mode: Switch 1:red light-purple light- UV light-OFF, Switch 2:white light-high-low-SOS-OFF **The two switches can be operated separately or simultaneously.
  • Runtime: White light High mode: 1.2 Hrs, Red/purple/UV light:     5 Hrs
  • Light angle: 120°
  • Lens: 4mm Polycarbonate Board.
  • Body material: Durable aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Surface treatment: Premium Type III hard-anodized
  • Color: Black
  • Battery: 32650 rechargeable Li- ion battery x 1 (with battery over-discharging protection, polarity reversing protection)
  • Operation voltage: 2.8V to 4.5V.
  • Waterproof: 100 meters underwater
  • Dimensions: 124.8mm (length)* 50mm (dia. of head).
  • Weight: 345grams (without battery); 483 grams (with battery)
  • Underwater Weight: 220 grams (with battery)
  • Impact resistance: 1.5M
2600 Lumens High Power Multi LED Dive / Video Lights
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • AC charger
  • Battery
  • Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual